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If COVID-19 taught us one lesson; health is everything. Most people don't want to become bodybuilders, they want to gain muscle and lose fat to look good in clothes and be healthy, That is exactly what this website is about. What if I said you can get a body like mine by only working out 15minutes per day, now what is your excuse?


I only do basic calisthenics and running, I invest my mind, body and soul into fitness. I stopped lifting weights as the risk of injury is higher which hinders progress. I got stronger but I got big and fluffy. I will guide you on your transformation with a fitness plan tailored to your fitness level, motivation and stress levels. I’m here to motivate, teach and support you. The biggest obstacle in fitness is being stressed or lacking motivation, we will overcome those obstacles together. 

Remember it is easy to over-eat but hard to over-train.

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